Integral Dance

I have different names for what I’m doing, practicing and teaching.
One of them is “Integral Dance“. We see a Dance as grace and diverse process communication with all life’s issues. Integral means “naturally embrace as much as you can in every movement”. In this approach I based on my experience in contact improv and contemporary dance, butoh and different movement therapies, neuroscience and transpersonal psychology, integral theory and spiritual practices.


Two main principles of Integral Dance can be expressed in two metaphors: Invitation and Embrace. We can invite all life’s events, processes and issues to the dance, look at them like at the partners of Big dance. And we should embrace its some how to dance with: embrace by attention, by heart, by understanding .. and despite of all rational reasons.


Dance can makes invisible visible and connect us to the invisible source. Dance can be measurable manifestation of ones self, our relations with others and the world.


There are four different facets in Integral Dance approach:
1. Integral Somatics
2. Dance with Shadow
3. Transformative Performance
4. Dance as Spiritual Practice


You can see short presentation about the idea of 5 Basics in Integral Somatics:
Dance with Shadow is psychological and body/movement-oriented approach based on jungian image of neglected and denied part of self.  There is a necessity to embrace and carefully dance with one’s own and collective shadows on the way to whole self. It demands a lot of curiosity, courage and care to one’s self.
We work with model of four kind of Shadow: Dark, Bright, Strong and Weak. We use some ideas taken from Japanese butoh dance as using specific images and special face dance emphasis.


In Transformative Performance the particular situation of being on the stage became the situation where you can be seen distinctly as who you are. And your personal stories, your rises and falls, your breakthroughs and breakdowns  became the sources of creativity.


And we also know that dance could be a sort of ritual, prayer or meditation and therefor a form of spiritual practices.