These are few examples of some of my projects:


I teach some different workshops and groups in Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Lithuania and Kazakhstan. Some of them exist for decades, some of them are brand new.
These are the some titles of the workshops:

Living With Dance – basic program, opening new possibilities to invite dance in your life.
Mandala of Emotions – recognizing, expressing, exploring natural dynamics of emotions, based on contemporary neuroscience and analytical psychology.
Dance with the Shadow – invite  and embrace the dark side of your self.
Dance of Relations – safe and creative way to know the pattern of your relationship and start to change it (if you want).
BodyStories - based on Authentic Movement journey to different stories that your body can tell.

Dance Walking

dance walking moscow

Inspired by Ben Aaron’s ‘Dance Walk’ Dance Walking TLV is fun and shared dance activity on the cit
Download music playlist or make your own.y streets.
Find the route or join the route that we choose. And enjoy!
With my students we started regular Dance Walkings in Moscow in 2014. And it become popular in Russia, Ukraine and other countries. If you make search at the Facebook, you’ll find dozens of groups, events and pages about Dance Walking all over the world.
Personally I started this activity in Moscow, Tel-Aviv and Odessa. My students and collegues – in Kiev, Kharkiv, Izhevsk, Saint-Petersburg, Riga, Vilnius, Berlin, Kirov and many other cities.
Individual sessions

I’m also providing individual sessions, focused on one’s attitude towards his/her body, one’s self and others.

My main goal is to provide safe and creative space for my client’s contact with inner resources and deeper understanding of who he/she is.

I use my knowledge and skills as sertified body therapist, Authentic Movement Witness with 25 years of experience, improvisation teacher and psychotherapist working with integral approach.


Dancetraveling is a combination of two very inspiring activities: traveling and dancing. In these travels we use dance and movement as the way of communication with the new landscapes of nature and culture. It provides deep connection with and  integration of new experience.
We already traveled into India, Turkey, Israel, Cambodia and Thailand.